First Baptist Church of East Rochester

Our Beliefs

Our church mission is to provide spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth
through Outreach, Fellowship and Community Involvement.


We are a Biblically based church

The Scriptures are held as holy and central to our faith.  We believe that each individual
has a responsibility to read the Bible on their own; as a body we read,
 and teach from the Bible in study, sermon and song.

We are a Mission focused church
.  We do this in the community and in the world through our gifts and in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with every person in our culture.

We are congregationally oriented
.  We see Christ as the head of our fellowship.  With the guidance of the Holy Spirit we act autonomously from the other churches we choose to associate with.  The Spirit guides our actions and directions.

We believe
that Jesus Christ, as fully God and fully human, is the only true Lord and Savior.

We believe
the Bible is the divinely inspired record of God’s actions in history and that being inerrant and totally sufficient in all matters of faith and salvation it serves as our authority for action and direction.

We believe
that individuals become Christians as they confess their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, and that they receive forgiveness of sins through His death and resurrection.  We believe that Christians have an eternal relationship with God and are given strength and help in living today through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. 
This does not mean we are perfect, only forgiven.

We demonstrate
our new faith in Christ through “believer’s baptism” by immersion, following Jesus’ own example.  Baptism serves as a symbol of death to our old life, and resurrection to a new life in Christ.

We believe in a personal relationship with the Lord which compels us to share our faith with all people and live a life in which we act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.

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